Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bondage both ways: Kathryn gets exactly what she deserves, and then so do I.

After such a long period when I have not been to visit Kathryn and Rob, this was put right this week.

They've had visitors and so it's not been possible to visit.

I arrived to be greeted by Kathryn, Rob was at work.

We had so much to catch-up on and gassed away for ages but I'd come with a specific intent and that could not be put off any longer.

When Kathryn sent me a text to say they had the house back to themselves, I jumped at the chance to visit and we had two possible choices for the afternoon before Rob came home. Number one was for Kathryn to transform me into Petra and then we'd go out, with me in the wheelchair and number two was that Kathryn would be placed in the rubber straightjacket, tied up and given a good seeing to.

I gave Kathryn the choice and guess what, she chose the straightjacket option :)

Once we were ready I set about getting dressed and had gone with my shiny dark green Ocean Rainwear dungarees and hooded jacket plus my green Hunter waders. Under this I had my tights and ladies all in one body-shaper with my silicone bosoms in. Half man half woman!

I got dressed and then supervised getting Kathryn ready.

Red leather high heeled boots, tights, rubber suspender belt and the rubber straightjacket. Plus a gas-mask.

As I strapped Kathryn into the straightjacket I was personally very excited at both actually doing it and at the prospect of what I was about to do.

Once in the straightjacket, I had Kathryn lie down on the massage table to strapped her body down, upper arms, below the breasts and midriff. All tightly strapped to the table.

I then strapped her legs, wide apart to the legs of the table and both the calls and ankles.

Then came the most heavenly session where her ladyhood was exposed for me to bring her some excitement. Mostly with my tongue but every now and then using her magic orgasm machine.

After I'd finished her off I left her to cool off and finally untied her.

It was then my turn and Kathryn decided that I was to be tied to the high stool. First though she blindfolded me and used a very tight ball gag to silence me.

I was strapped to the stool at various points having first been fitted with a pair of very soft but tight fitting bondage mittens. The mittens meant that I had no ability to use my hands/fingers at all.

Strapped to the stool Kathryn then gave me a very significant seeing to, resulting in an explosive orgasm at the end of the magic machine.

Kathryn had decided against tying my legs to the stool as she wanted easy access to the relevant bits of me.

A very seriously intense and erotic experience and one I look forward to relating very soon.

Kathryn did then release me but instead of letting me go, she led me, still blindfolded and gagged, to the massage table where she had me lie down and then strapped me to the table. After all of my exertions, I slept, soundly!

When Rob came home we had dinner, Kathryn and I had long since changed out of our gear, but Rob had opted for some very striking orange PVC trousers and a great pair of boots.

After dinner, our usual mix of great music, wine and conversation.

In talking, Kathryn admitted to me that she'd like much more strict bondage and a firmer hand the next time - and so it shall be, and Rob suggested he'd like to be similarly tied up and in the room whilst I give Kathryn her pleasure! Now there is an offer I will not refuse and am already planning how to make it as erotic and intense for them as it will be for me.

No pictures this time, but there will be plenty of the "Peter ties both Kathryn and Rob up" session :)

Mistress Atrum-Dea and a good old fashioned bondage session.

Let me explain by my title, "good old fashioned bondage".

When I first met MAD I was totally taken aback at her enthusiasm for bondage. Yes she does this for a living and thus yes she charges, but the gusto with which she applies herself to the task is a pleasure to experience.

A visit to MAD is nothing but a pleasure anyway so so whatever the outcome I enjoy myself.

MAD decided that for this visit there'd be no make-up, no transformation but pure bondage and so, after a good old gossip about life in general, I was instructed to get dressed (always an instruction I love to hear)!

Scenario One.

I dressed in my waders and yellow Ocean Rainwear suit - always a pleasure no matter what and MAD had me sit in a chair to which she then tied me, strapped me, wrapped me and then just in case I might escape, strapped me again.

I have decided not to post videos on my blog anymore as MAD typically posts them to her YouTube account and so here is the link, I suggest you subscribe as she posts more, obviously, than just her encounters with me:

Suffice to say, that once hooded with the leather hood that goes with the straightjacket I recently acquired, the bondage was complete and despite MAD encouraging me to try and escape, and my genuine best efforts, I could barely even move let alone escape!

What I didn't know then was that my five hour session with MAD would contain no less that five separate bondage scenarios - it's exhausting enough being tied up five times in five hours, but I no idea how MAD has the energy or stamina to do so. What I would add is, should anyone ever question the cost of such sessions, I can attest that the value is very much there and is much greater than the cost.

Scenario Two.

Once MAD had released me, I was left dressed as before but had my hood removed. MAD wanted to put me into a hog-tie and whilst I love being hog-tied, my physical bulk makes it hard to endure for very long.

Of course, MAD being the inventive bondage expert that she is did not let such a small matter get in the way of her tying me up and she set a number of straps on the floor and instructed me ti lie, face down. Having placed a small pillow under my face she set about strapping me up. Hands first, tied very firmly behind my back and then shoulder, waist, kneads and finally ankles.

All of these strappings were then connected with the "hog-tie" ensuring that I could roll over/about but not get out.

Another totally enjoyable session of bondage especially as MAD was considerate enough to blindfold me with her green rubber blindfold (I love this as it is light but very effective).

MAD didn't gag me this time and that allowed us to continue conversation even whilst I was inescapably bound.

Scenario Three. 

This was a quick try out in the body bag and was actually done at the suggestion of MAD's partner who'd popped in to see how we were doing. I should point out that he "pops in" at my invitation essentially as I love the humiliation of been seen in my predicament. The presence of anyone else at MAD sessions is certainly not usual, but for me if he is around I like it when he appears very briefly!

As you can see it does not fit me as I am too large however the bondage it provided was very secure on the basis that to get into it, you need to sit on the floor with it under you and then place your arms inside the sleeves that are inside and attached to the bag itself.

Once MAD had pulled the rope as tight as she could, I could barely move.

This was just a break really in between sessions but has persuaded me that I need a body bag and may have to get once made to measure.

I could envisage spending a night in a proper fitted one.

Scenario Four.

In no time at all, MAD had me un-bagged and ready for action again.

Still with my yellow OR suit on, she then put me in the heavy leather straightjacket with the hood firmly attached, strapped my body, thighs, knees and ankles very tightly and then further strapped me to a reclining sofa.

Another very comfortable bondage position that I could endure for many hours, again though, inescapable (that being what straightjackets were invited for in the first place of course!).

A nice touch here was the use of the d-rings at the shoulders of the straightjacket to strap me to the upright of the sofa, once more tying me up and tying me down in one single move.

Scenario Five.

And finally, after MAD had release me from the sofa and taken my hood off, she had me kneel, still in the straightjacket, over the side of the chair I'd previously been tied to in a sitting position and strapped me to the chair at my things and upper body. This was sufficient (given I still was totally bound by the straightjacket) and the addition of having my ankles strapped together, to be yet another safe, secure and totally inescapable bondage position.

A wonderful climax to a very intense session of bondage!

A rare treat - very heavy bondage with no escape.

Very infrequently I get to visit a gentleman in Dagenham called Colin. Sometimes I do so alone and other times I do so with Stuart. And when I say gentleman, I really do mean it. Colin is the epitome of a well educated, gentle, gentleman.

Though the reason he features here is that he also likes to tie people up. Colin's preference is for neat and tidy rope bondage and his patience and skill in applying rope bondage is second to none.

And so it was with nothing but joy in my heart that I set off from home to pay a visit.

Colin greeted me and as ever, particularly as we'd not seen each other for a while, we sat and updated each other over a cup of coffee.

Soon however we got down to business and Colin suggested I go and get myself dressed. I dressed simply and as I had done on a prior visit to Colin's place and donned my yellow Ocean Rainwear gear with my green Hunter waders.

The yellow suit is actually so comfortable I could, and often do when working at home, wear it all day long. It's thick and feels very protective but supple and virtually silent.

Colin also likes gags and has a very nice way of gagging you that leaves all of the room for breathing but is very effective is silencing you. He has a mouth sized sponge that he dampens and that is inserted into your mouth, he then tapes this firmly in using gaffer tape over which a bandage is very firmly tied. It is, after a long while of sweating and struggling, possible to get this type of gag off though and that is good as Colin does like to see his captives struggle.

I also like to struggle though not half as much as my friend Stuart!

Colin tied my arms behind my back with stout rope wrapped very firmly about my upper body and then laid me gently down on the bed at which he then tied my feet and legs.

The result, which you can see below looks fantastic and felt brilliant. I could not escape though I could move and whilst I ended up from my original position of being on my back laying lengthways on the bed, to being on my knees leaning over the side of the bed, I was no closer to being free at the end and Colin kindly relented and set me free. 

The fact is that with this quality of bondage and my hands inside two pairs of thick rubber gloves that render my fingers virtually useless, escape is rarely an option!

Very clearly some high quality and very inescapable bondage and most enjoyable.

Colin then surprised me by telling me that for the next session there would be the need to change and he handed me an oilskin coat. A proper old fashioned heavy, slightly oily coat that felt truly wonderful to wear. What's more he requested that I shed my Ocean Rainwear gear and just leave the boots on.

The oilskin did feel rather fantastic against my skin and made the bondage session that followed very intense indeed.

Colin had me sit in a chair and tied my hands very firmly to it before setting about hooding and gagging me. Dressed as I was and even slightly bound to the chair, the effect of being first hooded with the rubber hood you can see and then being gagged with the stout leather gag, was very intense and sent me into that space where I am pretty much disconnected from the real world for a while - heaven. 

He then firmly tied my body and legs up before roping me firmly to the chair.

I had this blissful position for over an hour and could have taken a whole afternoon of it. Sadly I had to make a move to visit family but this session with Colin will linger long in my memory.

Thank you Colin for a simply fantastic session!

An evening spent as Petra.

Back in January, I had what amounted to 12 hours spent totally and utterly as Petra.

Abbie, the person who makes me up and helps me dress is also part of a support group for cross-dressers and the whole variety of people of that ilk, in Ashford. This group meets twice a month from 7 in the evening to 11.

I wanted to go along in order to meet other people in the same situation but also to try and better understand myself as Petra.

I got to Abbie's place just after mid-day and after our usual lengthy chat (always a real pleasure) about life in general, Abbie set about the lengthy task of transforming me from Peter into Petra.

The difference this time, and apologies to the people who visit this blog mainly for the pictures, was that we decided it was not to be a photo shoot as I wanted to immerse myself in being Petra.

I had, a week or so perviously, ordered a new pair of boots from Marisota. I love ordering new ladies clothes but sometimes the reality does not match up with the promise, on this occasion however the boots fit me perfectly, looked good and were totally the kind of thing Petra would wear. Even Abbie approved :)

After Abbie had made me up, she dressed me with my corset going on and the rather wonderful news that either I had lost weight or my corset had stretched. I wore the lovely black velvet dress that I've be photographed in before finished with my new boots. A very smart and very demure look which is exactly what I wanted.

A couple of pieces of discreet jewellery and I was done. This was mid-afternoon.

Abbie has a lodger, a rather wonderful and very outgoing lady.

As Petra and Abbie were sitting there acing a cup of coffee, lodger arrived and didn't bat an eyelid.

We all chatted at some length and I pretty soon forgot that I had been transformed, that's how comfortable I felt.

The time came to make our way to the venue in Ashford and Abbie loaned me a cream coloured mac.  Everyone knows how much I love a mac and whilst this was a little too small for me in that I could not do it up, it did look and feel wonderful - not in the fetish way I usually enjoy my macs, but in a totally feminine way.

Abbie drove us to the venue where I had a short walk from the car to the building, in public.

At the venue, as you'd expect there were loads of very supportive people, either the staff and support team or the other attendees. I spoke with any number of people like Petra, there were a few newcomers like me and it was a great evening.

It's very refreshing to know that there are a lot of people out there, more than I ever expected, who like me, are both "Peter" and "Petra" and it's great to know that there is a safe, non-seedy environment where I can be Petra.

When the evening closed, we drove back home, chatted more over a coffee and finally after about twelve blissful hours as Petra, I was transformed back to Peter.

A wonderful experience and one to be repeated, never with pictures, many times!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Mummification in a rather exquisite way - plus some heavy bondage!

After a few months of no bondage - Christmas, New Year, family and work all demanded my attention, I finally got around to booking a session with Mistress Atrum-Dea ( for a well deserved, at least I thought so, session.

MAD and I had communicated before as we always do and she had asked, given my forays into the world of being Petra, if I'd like to focus more on the bondage rather than the transformation, of course I left that matter entirely in her hands.

Two things happened shortly before the session that rather dictated part of what would happen at our session. One was that I mailed MAD and asked if I might bring my newly acquired leather straightjacket (a gift if you recall from BlackhoodAgain from RubberPal), again she said yes so that rather did suggest I was to be tied up!

The other was that literally the day before our session I had acquired over ebay a new green rubber lined, rubberised cotton mac, which by didn't of a rather wonderful postal service and a lot of luck, arrived about 45 minutes before I did - I'd had the mac sent to MAD.

So upon my arrival I first got to try on my mac. I'd rather hoped that this mac may turn out to be street wear but it's a snug fit and thus will be strictly used for dressing up. It's rather lovely though and I reckon it may well be possible to use it for outerwear when I am being Petra so long as I don't intend to do it up!

First off MAD and I had quite a lot of catching up to do and so a cup of tea and a chat but of course it was not long before we got down to business.

MAD first had me strip off and then had me put on my skimpy ladies pants she'd given me a while ago. These are looking slightly raggedy but are my favourites and get a lot of use.

With these on she had me put on my Ocean Rainwear yellow bib and braces plus the smock top and my green Hunter waders.

Then came the straightjacket. I've only had this for a short while and only ever used it once, when BlackhoodAgain handed it over to me and was kind enough to put me in it for a few hours!

I said then and I say again, this is a very heavy item, leather on the outside and very heavy, very crinkly/noisy nylon on the inside and as such just slipping it on gives me a tingle of excitement. MAD soon set about strapping it up and roping me into the device with her usual gusto.  As we all know in this blog, MAD never uses one strap/rope where three would do! She also used the hood that came with the jacket, out that one me and attached it using the strap for that purpose, to the jacket.

She then had me sit (with even that amount of bondage I fell rather than sat) on her sofa (which has a motor driven recline function. More straps were placed around my upper body and my legs, knees and ankles were tied up and then tied to the sofa. The final flourish was a pair of shooting ear protectors and as she further reclined me, I once more entered that relaxing and heavenly place I always do when tied up (especially by MAD).

Here I am and after so long without bondage, I would have been more than happy to stay like this for my entire five hour session.

And here is a short video of me "trying" to escape - though this bondage looks quite simple, it was totally effective and thus escape, and even much movement, was way beyond me!

After a while, MAD released me and then announced that she'd like to try something new on me but that if I didn't fancy it that would be fine and at anytime during it if I was uncomfortable, I was to say so and she would release me straight away. Intrigued and never inclined to either say no to MAD or to turn down a new experience, I of course agreed.

The plan was that she would tape me up, mummify me, using electricians tape. On the face of it very straightforward until you work out the facts. Electricians tape is less than half an inch wide and I am six feet tall and really quite round!

And so we (or should I say She) set about the exercise. I needed to be naked except my frilly pants and MAD prepared me by wrapping me first in cling film, this was to protect my body from the sticky tape and so standing in the middle of the room, arms by my side, she wrapped the top half of me in film, a very enjoyable experience in itself and then started to wrap me in tape. Each layer of tape slightly overlapped with the previous one until I was wrapped from shoulders/lower neck to just below my genitals.

At this stage MAD had me sit/lay down on the reclining sofa and she set about the legs.

Never before have I experienced such an intense feeling during the act of being tied up. This is partly because of the painstaking effort she mad to achieve a neat job and partly due to the time it took. From start to finish it took MAD 50 minutes to prepare me. She then hooded me using the hood from the straightjacket.

Intense, erotic, fun, very comfortable and visually the moist striking bondage I have experience. I shall certainly be trying this again!

Of course, this being MAD she was not content with just mummifying me and very soon she was adding extra straps and then strapping me to the furniture again - wonderful and totally secure. The sensation is best likened to sensory deprivation as whilst it was not uncomfortable, I could hardly recognise my body as being made up of different parts. I was quite literally just one big green blob and it felt absolutely fantastic!

And there I lay for quite a while until the pressure on my ankles meant I needed to be released. Don't make the mistake of thinking that this bondage looks benign. it is not. It is actually very strict and hugely satisfactory.

Careful use of surgical scissors is the only way you get out of this kind of thing and I'd not suggest anyone tries this unless you are in the experts hands of someone such as MAD. In fact, I'd strongly recommend you try it as if you are reading this blog you probably like bondage anyway and this is a simply stunning experience. 

Get in touch with MAD and she'll have you taped up in no time!

And then we had our final position of the session. Having released me from my tape bondage, MAD had me dress up slightly, another pink PVC thong, some pink PVC pants and then my corset and some long sleeved red PVC gloves were added before my new mac. A rubber lined, rubberised cotton mac against bare skin is a wonderful feeling indeed and whilst the mac is tight fitting - too tight for street wear, it is lovely for bondage. And of course anyone who knows me knows that being buttoned and belted into a mac by MAD is a true pleasure.

On top of this, as MAD knows I love layers, she had me put my yellow Ocean Rainwear smock on and then my green waders again.

And then it was the chair but not before she'd put some inflatable bondage mitten on me and for the third and final time, my leather hood from the straightjacket.

Arms, then legs and then body were totally and securely strapped to the chair leaving me no room to move, wriggle and certainly no chance of escape. So tight was my bondage that a single move of my body elicited alarming creaks from the chair!

And there I stayed until the end of our session.

There is no point is using superlatives anymore as I've done so before, the bondage was superb (without equal), the company, as ever, was fantastic and the experience will live with me forever!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cross dressing - the final separation of Peter and Petra.

My third visit to Abbie Hyde in Ashford recently had the expected result and one very unexpected result.

The expected result was the transformation of me, Peter, into Petra.

This followed the same plan as before, arriving at Abbie's place, a cup of coffee and a chat and then two hours of make-up followed by dressing and a photo-shoot.

This time, my growing confidence in myself as Petra and in Abbie's judgement as to what would look good on me, allowed me to be guided by Abbie not just with regard to my make-up, but more importantly with regard to what to wear.

As such, after I'd had my make-up done, my corset applied, I tried the below the knee velvet dress you see in the pictures and, for once, didn't have boots but some very smart shoes.

Never before have I felt better as me, never.

That was the expected result and our next plan is for me to attend, as Petra, a support group Abbie helps run in the local area where I'll be made up at Abbie's place and we will travel to the venue and I'll have several hours of being Petra in the company of people like me and supported by the group!

The unexpected result, and so totally unexpected it's taken me three weeks to get my head around it and to fully understand and believe it, is the complete separation of Petra with the rubber and bondage loving Peter.

As Petra, I do not want to be tied up in rubber, though I will still wear macs and boots - but stylish stuff and not the industrial stuff that Peter favours. And most importantly, I do not want to be tied up!

This realisation has come as a shock as hitherto I'd have stated will full confidence that bondage was, outside of my normal life, the most important thing to me. Well it still is as Peter, but being Petra is equally important and as Petra, I'm so happy just to be me.

So there you have it, I am now two people, Petra, the cross dresser who delights in looking good and Peter, the scruffy git who likes rubber, PVC, macs, boots and bondage!

Feel free to comment or to visit my TV profile at TVCHIX:

Monday, 25 November 2013

A rather wonderful reunion and some very high class bondage!!

Every now and then, I have concluded that my love affair with rubber, macs, PVC, boots and bondage was inconsistent with my role as a father, husband and senior person in the IT world.

The reaction to this lapse in faith has been to throw away all of my stuff and withdraw from active duty.

The last time I did this was about ten years ago and I took three years out feeling good/terrible. 

I felt good because I was not indulging in my, regrettably secret, world and bad because I missed it so very much.

In roughly 2006 I decided, hopefully for the last time, that I just love my macs, boots and bondage and that it is a very important part of me and that I missed it enough to want to get back into the scene. Not necessarily as important a part as the husband, father and breadwinner, but second to these, it helps define what I am and makes me so very happy.

And so I entered the world again, rekindled my membership of and joined rubberpal and started to look about for playmates.

Through rubberpal I found Donna Serenity, a TV with whom I had enormous fun but whom I’ve not seen in ages. We’d go for dinner and then have a rather splendid time back at my hotel or apartment.

Another contact, someone who contacted me in fact was a gentleman, and I mean gentleman, called David.

David and I met first at a pub to ensure we were going to be compatible, we were and we then arranged to meet.

We met a few times and I had a simply stunning time each time.

Meeting, always at his house, became rather difficult and after a couple of years and a few meetings, we failed to connect and I figured that would be the end of it, it happens and whilst I regretted it, there was nothing to be done. Two busy people with home lives and families will not always find that the stars align.

Imagine my surprise and delight therefore when I received an email from David recently that contained within it, this paragraph:

Hello Peter

Have to say that I enjoy reading your blogs and think that you write very interesting content and I look forward to the next episode. As an aside I have been to RainMac a number of times and have one of their shiny macs.

The reason for the contact is that I have a very nice leather straightjacket complete with hood that is looking for a new home. It was brought by my friend and fellow enthusiast Joe but when it arrived it was much too big for him so he gave it to me. I already have a straightjacket, think I have put you in it in the distant past.  I thought you might be a suitable recipient, free of charge of course, as it would be something that you would enjoy wearing.

Apologies for the contact out of the blue but always loved our few sessions as you are such an enthusiast and I think that this straightjacket is perfect for you.

Kind regards


So what’s a chap to do when faced with such a fantastic offer? Accept of course, and I did.

In accepting, I asked if it would be possible to collect it as having a bulky leather straightjacket delivered to my home would be very difficult.

The reply contained this thrilling sentence:

Let me know if you want to "road test" it, I can set aside some time and pop you in it for an hour or so and sure I can find a few other items to compete the picture if that would appeal.

Would I like to road test it, at the hands of the best bondage expert I’d ever encountered? Oh yes please.

So we arranged a time and a date and David, who is a simply brilliant dominant, or he is a simply brilliant actor, then set the scene.

His email stated that upon arrival at his home, at the allotted time I was to: 

Just enter the door without knocking and you will come in to a utility area, go through to the kitchen. In the kitchen you will see a blindfold and some simple instructions on a wooded chair, If you need to prepare yourself then do so and when you are ready follow the instructions and then sit down and put the blindfold on.

And so I did, last week, I visited David and upon entering his home, found a typed note telling me to prepare myself and then to open the kitchen door, place a small tin the other side to signify my readiness and then to sit down in the chair and to blindfold myself with the blindfold provided.

I should point out here that David has some of the best quality bondage gear I have come across. Nothing shabby and thus the blindfold was a high quality leather one with eye pads that covered my eyes but also that pressed my eyes closed, gently, on the inside. Total darkness.

I had decided to dress in PVC and this had my PVC boiler suit on with my black rubber riding boots and black rubber gloves. Nothing more, nothing less and then topped it all off with my green Ocean Rainwear long mac (usually used for walking the dog) held in place with my wide weight-lifters belt.

Thus dressed, I sat in the chair, blindfolded myself and waited.

Of course, the drama of this fact alone heightened my experience. I expected to find David at the house, but of course it could have been anyone, or even multiple people. I had no idea and had to trust totally my captor.

Shortly after, before my heartbeat had even had chance to settle down, someone appeared in the room and spoke with me - David is very well and very softly spoken, however as a dominant his voice has a harder edge and brooks no debate when he issues an instruction.

He firstly carefully but very firmly placed  leather bag hood over my head. It was a tight fit and it went over the blindfold, it was laced up and restricted my breathing just a little. Not enough to cause panic but enough that I was fully aware of my breathing.

I had leather cuffs applied to my wrists which he clipped together and was then led, totally blind, out of the room, up the stairs and into a bedroom. David guided me firmly.

By the time I got upstairs my breathing was harder and made harder still by the leather hood. A very intense and very erotic experience!

Next David put leather cuffs on my ankles and strapped my wrist cuffs to my ankle cuffs, just tight enough so that standing, I could feel the connection but not so tight as to cause me discomfort nor to affect my balance.

With the promise that “we’ll see to you later” - we?? - he left the room with me standing but tied up.

I am not sure how long I stood there but it was rather lovely. The sense that I had no hope of escape, that I still don’t really know if it was David, still uncertain about what he had in mind for me, put me in a state of excitement and I thoroughly enjoyed my bondage.

 It is very interesting to me as I’d usually categorise “good” bondage for me as synonymous with tight bondage. This bondage was not tight, but it was complete and very effective.

In due course, David returned and gently caressed me - he does this with the most featherlight of touches - and that took me to quite another level of excitement.

He untied me and took off the hood and blindfold.

What I saw before me was a black hooded figure with ladies tights and a black PVC mac on back to front. David likes to wear a mac back to front, as do I, though he must be a contortionist to have been able to get it on and buttoned and buckled the way it was!

To reiterate, in these circumstance, my submissiveness is extreme and I become almost unable to speak. Certainly I would never speak unless instructed to.

David then put a different leather hood on me, with circular eye and mouth holes. One particular feature of David’s bondage that I enjoy (there are very many) is the care and attention he takes over things. So a hood is not simply placed on you and done up, it is placed, aligned carefully, adjusted and then done up, then checked and tightened and so on until David is happy with the result.

For me the consequence is a gentle drift into bondage heaven as I am tugged about and taken into my bondage at a wonderfully gentle pace.

With the hood on, David blindfolded me with the original blindfold and applied a ball gag and then another heavier blindfold. 

The gag made it difficult to swallow but easy to breathe. Resulting in my drooling and dribbling. There is very little more humiliating that being put in this situation and as David reminded me later, “it’s just as well we are both wearing macs as you are dribbling all over the place”. Under my hood I went crimson with embarrassment and delight!

David then moved me gently to a chair and had me sit down.

With leather cuffs once more placed around my wrists, David secured them in an arms wrapped round me pose, rather like a straightjacket and secured it all behind me. He strapped my ankles and knees, tightly, and then strapped me in two places to the chair.

More gentle bondage I thought! But no, David then used a significant amount of pallet wrap and wrapped me totally and then to the chair.

This bondage was complete, comfortable and genuinely inescapable. It’s something I’d like to try for several hours one day. For anyone who has been tied up this way, the feeling of total immobility but with the very slight give that the wrap has, offers a tantalising promise that you might be able to escape coupled with the certain knowledge that you can not. For a bondage lover like me, this is about as good as it gets.

David finally released me, untied me, unhooded me, un-gagged me and had me stand up, for now it was time to “test drive” the straightjacket.

With my assistance I then had a simply fantastic S10 gas-mask hood put on me, with big eye holes so I could still see,  I was allowed to adjust it and when in place it was zipped up and secured with a strap around the neck.

He then had me stand and took off my green mac and offered the straightjacket for me to put my arms into.

This was the first time I’d seen it and I can tell you, it’s very heavy, lovely quality and is lined with the most gloriously noisy heavy nylon you can imagine. Just having it put on me made me shudder with delight.

The straps were pulled through my crotch and done up - a wonderful experience - and then David tugged away and got me strapped in in the typical straightjacket pose.

With me kneeling, David then attached two straps to the d-rings on the shoulder of the straightjacket and hooked them up to the hook in the ceiling. This kept my posture upright but without any major discomfort. He then strapped my ankles together. 

He attached a rubber tube to the mask and to the end attached a perculator bottle that contained water through which I could breathe via the gas mask but due to the strenuous position I was in, I could not cope with that and I nodded for it to be removed, David did so immediately. It’s definitely something I’d like to try again but when I am in a sitting position maybe.

I am not sure how long he kept me there as having made sure I was OK, he hooded me over the gas mask so I could see nothing. Sensory deprivation like this, even if it is only partial, makes keeping track of time very difficult.

This position was very tough and it was the position that he’d alluded to in our email conversations. I loved it, every minute of it. 

He finally released me, took off the gas mask and hood, untied my ankles but kept me in the straightjacket. 

I was once more blindfolded and he placed a leather gag harness over my head, again very carefully and strapped my head up after which he put in inflatable penis gag on me.

He moved me gently back to a pole and strapped me to the pole. When you are my size and shape, having your ankles strapped firmly to a pole means that your body tilts slightly forward and you have to have complete confidence in your captor to keep you secure. Thankfully David only does secure so I felt safe at all times.

David then proceeded to caress me and in turn inflate and deflate the gag. More dribbling and humiliation! Wonderful. To be honest, I could have ejaculated at anytime during this exercise as the intensity of the erotic experience of feeling the caress whilst the gag was gently being inflated was extreme. 

This was not to be and by the time David released me I was exhausted!

However, David had not finished with me and had me lie down on a bed where he attached me to it, still wearing the straightjacket, harness and gag, in a star shape.

He then finished me off, no doubt my reward for good behaviour!

All in all, four hours of the most delightful and erotic bondage imaginable. 

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