Monday, 14 September 2015

Punishment in PVC - part two.

And so, I arrived at my car. Already furiously hot and  I discovered the first of many obstacles that would present themselves during the day.

Driving! In fact I could not even get into the car as I could barely bend and I was about 25% more bulky than usual.

I had to lean into the car, raise the steering wheel to the maximum height and then move the seat all of the way back.

With this done I literally fell into the car and sat there feeling exhausted, hot and very humiliated.

I decided to take care of the two hoods and with a struggle I pulled the yellow HH hood down followed by the green OR one. This presented a problem as both still covered a part of my face so I pulled the drawstrings tight, first on the green and then on the yellow.

This had the desired effect of pulling both hoods very tight around my neck, and thus keeping them away from my face and later on as I found out, the undesired effect of creating a mini greenhouse between my neck and the thick wide belt around my waist.

Driving very carefully and with the air conditioning turned to the lowest, I set off for my first task of the day and that was to pay the cheques I had accumulated, into the bank after which I had my MOT - which I'd foolishly booked as a "while you wait"

Anyway, I got to Maidstone, parked where I usually park and upon exiting the car park was immediately struck by what a lovely day it was. Sunny but cool.

And so I was then also struck by how inappropriate my clothes would have been even if I'd have had just one layer.

Knowing that I was effectively sealed tightly inside my PVC prison I resolved there and then to enjoy my situation. Yes it would be uncomfortable at times and yes I'd be embarrassed and humiliated, but isn't that just the kind of thing I like?

Thus resolved I set off up the hill to the HSBC bank. Very soon it became quite clear that nobody was paying any attention to me at all. In fact I have often thought the easiest way to be invisible is to wear hi-vis clothes as they are so prevalent nowadays as to be invisible. And so it proved in my bright yellow Helly Hansen Nusfjord outfit, covering all of my many layers.

What does get noticed however are two very obvious things:

1. I was very warm indeed and to keep my PVC fishing raingear tightly done up on such a sunny day did cause a few odd looks.
2. The sound. The HH stuff is very stiff and squeaks very loudly indeed.

And throughout the day it was the noise that got me noticed every time. In fact walking up Maidstone High Street I actually had people look over their shoulders to see what the noise was!

Banks used to be gloomy places, dark, quiet and with a very clear system of queueing. Not any more they aren't. They are bright and airy banking halls and as one enters,  a customer service person, eager to help will ask you if they can help.

I explained that I had cheque to pay in and the customer services assistant, an older woman, determined that the automatic cheque paying in system would be best for me. Now despite the fact that I have been in IT for over 38 years, I hate these kinds of machine and so I asked if she could help me.

Of course she could and together we strolled over the the appropriate machine.

As the cheques were being processed she enquired of me, nodding at my raingear, "expecting rain?"

My whole life seemed to go into slow motion at this stage as I hurriedly tried to work out what to say, internally kicking myself for not having a ready answer for my garb.

And thus it was that what I said was the complete and utter truth!!

"No", I said,  "though that would have been welcome. I'm dressed like this as a punishment and have to stay in this lot for another 11 hours!"

Looking only slightly taken aback, she simply said "Well you seem to be enjoying it, have a nice day" and handed me my paying in evidence.

Feeling ten feet tall and in no way self-conscious anymore, I exited the bank decided that rather than scurry back to the car, my MOT was not due until mid-day, I'd stroll up to the Caffe Nero and have a coffee.

Further up the hill and into Caffe Nero I discovered the slight flaw in my plan - sitting down.

As already experienced in the car, sitting down and getting up again was a major challenge with the layers and the tight belt, so I simply stood at the bar in the window and had my double espresso.

By now, I have to say that I was thoroughly enjoying my punishment!

I then got back to my car, slumped into it, drove home and upon arrival at home experienced the first awkward part of the day. My wife was away for a couple of days and what she had forgotten to tell me was that a neighbour would be having some stuff delivered to our place.

I arrived to find the delivery men had just got there and so I had to supervise them unloading and sticking stuff into my garage.

The delivery men were as nice as can be even saying to me, once I had opened the garage, "don't worry about us mate, you go and get out of that (pointing at my rainwear) and we'll just ring the doorbell when we are finished".

This kind and helpful offer once more forced me to think on my feet and I decided that the truth might not work here so I explained that I'd be walking the dog any minute and so I'd be fine.

The look one of the delivery men gave me suggested he knew I'd just bullshitted them and that he knew exactly what was going on!! Who knows, he was probably just jealous.

However, once I had bluffed and mentioned walking the dog I figured I may as well, as I'd have to some time anyway, and so I took the dog out.

My usual walk sees me go around the lakes just opposite my house and that takes roughly one hour.

The walk took over and hour and a half mostly due to my own speed. Encumbered with so many layers I experienced two sensations. The first was the pressure on my crotch. Quite severe in fact with the numbers of trousers I had on and the fact that they were either pulled very high or were bib and braces style. This meant that walking was tough but also that it induced a sensation that I thought would bring me to a climax any minute. This was something I was desperate to avoid as with me, the minute I have climaxed I have a strong urge to get out of my gear and into "civvies" and I knew that was something I'd be unable to do!

The second sensation was that my shoulders started to ache, with several pairs of braces pulling down on them the pressure soon began to tell.

Needless to say I met lots of other dog walkers, none of whom paid the slightest attention to my raingear. Even the people whom I knew ignored me as I always, without fail and whatever the weather, walk in some sort of rainwear.

Getting home just in time to leap (or fall as was the case due to my layers) into the car I was off for the MOT.

This did have me slightly concerned as I nearly always book a while you wait service or MOT and the garage know me well. I usually sit with my iPad and work, however usually I have jeans and a shirt even though I always have a PVC jacket of some sort.

I got there, booked the car in and took (with some difficulty) a seat. The receptionist offered me a coffee which I accepted and I settled down to work.

About 30 minutes later the several coffees I'd had that morning started to work their magic and I was desperate for a wee!

Of course Mistress had thought of this, hence the nappy, but I have to say the thought of peeing myself was not a pleasant one.

The idea that it might smell, or leak, kept running through my head and I fought the urge.

However, it soon became apparent that I could fight it no longer and so I waddled off to the toilet.

What did I go to the loo for when I clearly didn't need to? I am not sure really but I sort of decided if I was going to pee myself I'd rather do it alone.

I have to say the feeling of release when, after a minute or two I finally managed to overcome my resistance, was immense. As was the embarrassment and humiliation. The feeling of warm pee flooding into my nappy whilst I was encased in all of my PVC rainwear was very intense and very erotic.

After I had calmed myself down I went back out into the waiting area to find my car was fine and ready.

I paid and walked back to the car trying to work out if it was pee or simply sweat that was running down my legs and into my rubber riding boots!

And so back home where I worked away for a few hours before the oven was delivered and installed.

Nothing much to report here as by now I'd got so used to my predicament I was no longer thinking about it.

With the oven installed it was soon time to set off for the visit to Mistress.

I arrived at her place exactly on time, not knowing what to expect and as ever, I got some five star bondage before being sent back home to sleep, in all of my confinement,  being told to report back to her the following morning so that she could release me from my punishment.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Punishment in PVC - part one.

A while ago I let my Mistress down in a very important matter and whilst it was certainly not my problem and was totally out of my control, it happened nonetheless.

I felt bad but Mistress took it well and told me not to bother about it. And so I didn't.

We had been communicating over email for a while after that when she suggested a day long bondage session on the coming Friday.

I told her that I would not be able to make it as I had several things to take care of on my day off work including the delivery and installation of a new oven, a visit to the bank to pay in several cheques and taking my car for an MOT.

Not to worry she said, come early and you can have a couple of hours bondage before you go off for the day. She asked me to bring all of my rainwear as the session would be focussed on layers.

She asked me what time I needed to leave her place, 10, and so we agreed I'd be with her at eight.

Ever the early bird I arrived at about 07:45 and was invited in.

Whilst she was getting her day sorted out she made me a cup of coffee and told me to sit at her breakfast bar so we could chat.

Face to face for the first time after I'd let her down, I of course offered another apology and was delighted when she just laughed and told me to stop worrying.

Soon she was ready, and after making sure I'd drunk all of my coffee (one of her pet hates is, for some reason, a half drunk cup of coffee!), she instructed me to undress there and then and get ready.

Most of the time I am told to get ready in private but every now and then I have to do it in front of her which she knows is an exquisite humiliation for me.

Now totally naked I asked her what she'd like me to wear and was somewhat astonished to hear "all of it" as the reply but she added, handing me an adult nappy and one of my butt plugs, "but put these on first".

Mistress actually helped me with both, gently inserting the butt plug and then ensuring the nappy was on as tightly as possible, explaining the she didn't want me leaking or for the butt plug to work loose.

And so, already in a state of some excitement due to the humiliation of being made to wear the nappy and butt plug, I set about the laborious task of donning ALL of my rainwear.

Starting with my blue nylon over trousers, noisy and perfect for working up an immediate sweat, as well as feeling very nice against my bare skin then choosing my Ocean Rainwear smock (from which I have removed the hood so it can be worn under other clothes) next.

Then came in order:

Black Helly Hansen bib and braces with jacket - no hood. This is a very interesting combination as despite it being quite lightweight PVC, it's proper work wear and so the knees and elbows are reinforced.
Green Helly Hansen rain suit - trousers and jacket with no hood. Trousers pulled high and the drawstring pulled very tight and the jacket zipped up.
Rubber riding boots with the two pairs of trousers tucked tightly in.

I'd have been more then happy to stop at this stage and get tied up and looked at Mistress who simply said "carry on". By this stage she was sitting in her chair and simply watching me get dressed.

So I added:

Dark Green Ocean Rainwear bib and braces with zipped up jacket. Very heavy and shiny PVC and the first hood. I left the hood down initially but a rebuke in the form of "hood up" was all I needed to do as I was told. 
Yellow Ocean Rainwear suiting matching the one I'd just put on but with a smock top from which I'd also removed the hood.
Finally came my two identical Helly Hansen bright yellow Nusfjord bib and braces with jacket rain suits.

I got the first one on, the one from which I'd removed the hood with some difficulty as by now, the several layers I had were quite severely restricting my movement.

As I reached, sweating, for the second of the two suits Mistress told me to stop and come and stand in front of her, which I did.

She then applied wrist and ankles cuffs to me, as she had often done before when tying me up, pulled each one as tight as it would go, tight enough that they would never slip off but not so tight, especially with several layers of PVC rainwear as protection, to give me circulation problems.

As a variation on the theme, instead of applying the ankle cuffs to my ankles, she applied them to the area just below my knees where my rubber riding boots ended. Pulled very tight these would not even given a millimetre and ensured that despite my efforts my riding boots would not be coming off anytime soon.

What surprised me, but still I had no idea what she was up to, was that she applied a small brass padlock to each strap and put all four sets of keys in a bowl on her mantlepiece.

She then took the wide weightlifters belt I always wear for bondage sessions and applied that to my waist, having to pull very hard to make it fit due to the extra layers of PVC I was wearing.

Finally she added a one inch wide black leather strap around my neck, pulled tight enough to give me a lot of pleasure but not tight enough to present any danger. This was also locked into place with a padlock and the keys stashed away.

She then told me to put on the final HH yellow PVC suit with the hood.

I have to confess, standing there in front of her in these layers I felt fantastic.

She then told me to go and sit in the kitchen as we'd be having a coffee before we started.

I looked at her kitchen clock and it was showing 09:10 and must confess to experiencing a little disappointment as my bondage session was clearly going to be very short, and when I gently reminded her that I needed to be gone by ten, she cheerily told me that was not a problem as I'd be on my way in no time.

With all of my layers, held in place by the wrist and knee cuffs just getting on the stool was tough but I made it and started to drink my second coffee.

Mistress then dropped her bombshell with this announcement:

"Recently we had a weekend away planned that had to be cancelled. I know that you could not help it in any way but you still have to be punished, do you understand and accept that?"

Of course I did and I said so, now in character of the submissive Peter rather then my usual confident self.

"Good, well here is your punishment. 12 hours in bondage" 

I was just about to say something when she silenced me with a wave and told me to listen.

"What you are wearing is what you will wear with no additions or changes, for the next twelve hours. You'll leave here dressed as you are, you may of course put both hoods down, but you will go about all of the tasks you told me about as usual. 

You'll go to the bank and pay in your cheques, I expect to see evidence of the fact that you did. You'll take your car for the MOT and I also expect to see evidence of that and you'll let the oven people in at home and allow them to fit the new oven, and I want to see pictures.

And you will do all of this exactly as you are!!

At the end of the day, twelve hours from now, come back and I might release you from your bondage or I might even apply more, the choice is not yours.

After twenty four hours your punishment will be over"

And with that, she pecked me on the cheek, handed my car keys and took me to the front door, guided me blinking into the sunshine and closed the door behind me.

And so my day of humiliation had started. Now I fully understood the nappy and the wrist and ankle/knee cuffs!

Needless to say, her street, normally deserted, appeared to be busier than Piccadilly Circus that morning and my walk of shame from her house to my car saw me encounter several people. This hulking, speaking figure must have looked very odd, but nobody said a word.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Missing for a while, but back and fully dressed head to toe in PVC rainwear!

I've been missing from my blog for a while now, not because I have been missing out on my favourite activity, quite the opposite in fact as I have had several visits to Kathryn and Rob and two fabulous weekends away with Mistress Atrum-Dea.

No, I am afraid that I have simply been too busy, and frankly going over old sessions is not something I fancy doing.

However, I do like to write my blog and hope that here and there someone likes to read it, so I am back at the keyboard.

I have a visit to MAD booked this week and have acquired a new leather hood from Honour, called "Lockdown" that I'll hopefully be trying out, and with some pictures to go with it, I'll report back at the weekend.

However I do have some activity to report and it was prompted by a story written by a friend, Bondophile, on Fetlife. He and I meet very infrequently so we can dress up and so I can tie him up and so I know we share a fondness for PVC rainwear, macs, boots and bondage. We also have a quite serious liking of layers.

A lot of people who like rainwear like layers, I guess it is the increasing sense of "protection" that multiple layers gives us, but also if we also like bondage, the increasing sense of not being able to move that multiple layers brings on.

Bondophile's story had the lucky victim coverd in many layers before being tied up and left outside in the rain for twelve hours! Who in the world could possibly not like such a scenario?

And so, prompted by the story, I decided that the following morning when walking my dog, instead of just one set of rainwear, boots and a mac to cover it all, I'd go for layers.

And so, at 3:45 the following morning, yes I really do walk my dog at that time, I started to get dressed.

I started with some nylon outer trousers. Very stiff, very noisy and brilliant for working up a fairly immediate sweat, but also being plastic lined, very easy to clean afterwards.

I then added a dark green very heavy PVC smock from Ocean Rainwear followed by a Helly Hansen Rainsuit (trousers and hooded jacket). Socks then went on and the two pairs of trousers were tucked tightly into my black rubber riding boots.

I followed that with my Ocean Rainwear yellow bib and braces and smock - same model as the green stuff but bright yellow.

Next came my Ocean Rainwear dark green bib and braces with accompanying green jacket with hood.

I then added my Helly Hansen black bib and braces with jacket - this has a removeable hood, and that was left off. This suit is interesting as it is quite light weight but as proper workwear has reinforced knees and elbows making it actually quite stiff and a lot of fun to wear.

The final addition was two sets of yellow Helly Hansen Nusfjord bib and braces, one jacket without hood and one with. These jackets have a hood that is clearly designed to go over a hard hat as the hood is huge and so having two hoods on already didn't present any problems.

Pulling the strings to each hood tight enclosed my head and face quite seriously and by now I was drenched in sweat just with the effort of getting into so many layers.

Make no mistake, after about three layers it becomes quite an effort to add another.

Of course, that was not quite enough for me and to to top it all off I added my green Ocean Rainwear mac. Also by now each of the later layers was quite a tight fit and so the mac fitted like a sausage skin whereas it is normally quite roomy.

The mac has a hood and that finally was pulled tight and I was ready to get the dog and go.

Walking around the lake opposite my house usually takes about 45 minutes at a good pace, but a good pace is not possible wearing so many layers, the walk took me 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Of course it felt fantastic with each step being an effort but an effort rewarded with a wonderful feeling and a cacophony of squeaking PVC.

 Two very interesting things to report are the pressure on the crotch of wearing so many layers means that it would be very easy indeed to have an unprompted orgasm! The other being the really quite intense pressure on the shoulders of so many set of bib and braces puling down. An interesting and very enjoyable feeling.

Upon arrival at home, I discovered that if getting into the layers was tough, getting out of them was even tougher and it took me nearly 30 minutes to fully undress!

A fantastic experience and one I wanted to repeat again as soon as possible.

That opportunity came at the weekend, when I walk my dog a little later going out at about 5:30.

Once again I got all of the same layers on and set off. Not for one minute thinking of the consequences of meeting other people, which I did. There are a few people who either walk dogs or run for exercise at that time and we all acknowledge each other.

I met eight people that morning two of whom (dog walkers also) stopped to chat. It's a mark of how much my festish makes me self conscious that I was very aware of my layers, yet the people whom I met and especially the two with whom I talked, just didn't seem to notice.

I feel a story coming on based around this real life experience, and like most stories it will contain an element of my own experience alonside a great deal of my own fantasy!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Very publicly wearing my PVC rainwear.

My public wearing of PVC rainwear has been largely limited, if limited is the right word as I do it every day, to walking my dog (where PVC rainwear is not that unusual) and the odd foray into the vanilla world with Kathryn.

And so when I had arranged to go and visit Kathryn and Rob last week I was expecting another outing with my green rainwear covered by my Jacobsen mac, with Kathryn strapped into the wheelchair.

What actually happened was quite different and has set a new level at which I am comfortable going out in public in my favourite clothes.

I have recently acquired a new Helly Hansen set of dungarees and jacket. Bright, and I mean really very bright indeed yellow and the heaviest weight PVC I have ever encountered. However with this weight they have also managed to make it immensely soft and as it is fully cotton lined, easy to wear. And so very squeaky.

I first came across this stuff when I was tying up from friend Stuart/Straitjacketed. He has exactly this outfit and I immediately wanted the same. In fact I now have two!

In case you might be interested, it’s called Nusfjord and the two items together, because they are workwear and not traditional fetish stuff do not cost the earth. Less that £100 for both delivered.

Anyway, I have been wearing this combination for a while when I walk the dog, morning and night but it is winter, it’s very dark and at the times I walk the dog I really don’t see anyone anyway.

However, two weeks ago I was working at home and of course was thus properly dressed in my HH stuff and waders and I looked at the clock to discover time had run by and that I needed to nip out to Tesco to get some food for dinner and ideally before my wife came home from work. Debating in my head if I had time to get undressed, redressed and then out and back I concluded that I hadn’t. And so, in the mid afternoon I simply got into my car and drove to the store, did my shopping and came home. All done whilst wearing some very bright and very noisy PVC.

The most amazing fat is that nobody appeared to even notice and if they did, yes they looked, but it didn’t bother me one bit. In truth I probably looked like a road worker or something similar.

Upon returning home I concluded that I’d enjoyed myself and that this would not be the last time I did such a thing.

Little did I know that less than one week later I’d be putting this newly found resolve to a quite serious test.

And so we come to the day I was going to meet Kathryn and Rob. They are roughly a two hundred mile drive and as I wanted to maximise the time with them, I left early.

Of course, I still needed to walk the dog and thus took her out at 4AM for our usual hour long walk. When we got home I simply decided that I’d pack the car with some regular clothes but that I’d drive up to them dressed in my finery. And that is exactly what I did, stopping along the way for a hour break and some coffee, still with head to toe bright yellow PVC. Once again, not a single odd look!

And so it was that I got into the car after my break to find a text from Kathryn, who needed to go into Barnsley, suggesting that if I was early enough she’d wait and perhaps we could go into town together dressed. I had already sent her a text with a picture of me sitting in the coffee shop in yellow PVC!

Of course I jumped at the offer and later on arrived at her place. By now I’d been in the PVC for about six hours. We had a coffee and I pt my ladies underwear on first and over that my yellow PVC went back on and then I drove her into town.

Of course, Kathryn, never one to let an opportunity to go out dressed up pass, was also dressed “properly” in knee length leather boots and her cream Rainmac PVC mac, fully buttoned and tightly belted.

In town we parked and walked to the shops. Shopping included going into a very crowded opticians to order some glasses for Rob, into Boots to collect some photos and to try and get some old photos scanned and then into Lidl to buy some butter. Each step along the way I wore my PVC with pride, made eye contact, attracted some admiring glances and felt nothing but totally at ease and very happy indeed.

Finally we had to go to Marks and Spencer to get food and at the checkout Kathryn discovered she’d forgotten something, leaving me to chat to the checkout girl whilst K went in search of some olives and artichoke hearts! I’m not sure what the checkout girl thought, but she behaved as if my clothes were very normal for what was actually a sunny and bright if somewhat cold day.

So if last week you were in Barnsley and saw a man dressed head to toe in yellow PVC accompanied by a rather stunning lady dressed in a high gloss cream pVC mac, that was us!

A very public and very enjoyable way to spend a morning. I have in mind a few more trips out in my yellow HH kit, but rest assured I am no longer fearful of being noticed, I actually enjoy it.

By the time we got home and had a sandwich, I’d been in PVC for over ten hours.

Instead of going out for our walk and coffee, we decided on an afternoon in and K suggested that I should be tied up first. When faced with such an offer, what’s a chap to do eh?

Dressed exactly as I had been all day Kathryn had me lie down on the massage bed and put a wonderful leather hood on me, sealed the eye holes and gagged me with a ball gag. She then put the leather bondage mitten on my hands and then proceeded to strap me at every conceivable point to the bad. Simple but very effective bondage.

K then set about her household chores whilst I drifted in and out of that blissful state that PVC and bondage always put me in. K kept popping in and out to make sure I was OK and finally decided it was that time!

What she did then was a revelation as she inserted the magic orgasm machine under the straps holding my legs down, placed it just so in order that I’d not climax immediately and turned it on. I lay there thrashing about – as much as one can when severely strapped to a massage table.

Kathryn then end the whole thing in a rather spectacular was by simply climbing on top of me and laying there hugging me. The extra presence plus Kathryn herself applying more pressure to the orgasm machine soon finished me off and what a stunning experience it was.

Another subtle change in me recently has been that after an orgasm, where I once used to be desperate to get out of the bondage and PVC, I now relish time left to stew. K knows this and simply turned down the lights and left me to relax, in fact of course what happened is that I slept the sleep of the righteous!

In due course K woke me and released me from my bondage.

Being the gallant chap that I am, I then figured it was the ladies turn!

And so I had her undress and put on some PVC split crotch panties, she already had a rather fetching red leather close fitting hood/cap to which I added some old fashioned motorcycle goggles and a ball gag. I then held out the rubber straitjacket for her to slip her arms into and secured her in it. Of course, she was also wearing her shiny Hunter wellies!

I then lay her down gently on the bed and strapped her body and arms very tightly indeed.

I then repaid her earlier kindness, in kind, more than once!

Both sated, we had just about enough time to shower and dress again, her in a PVC maids outfit, me in my HH yellow PVC rainwear, before Rob got home from work.

Rob as we know is very dominant however following his shower K and I had him get dressed in PVC and leather gear and strapped him, in a similar way that I had been strapped, to the massage table.

I then took responsibility for bringing him to an orgasm with K supervising. I used mouth and leather gloved hand and had a whale of a time!

We then spent the evening, fully dressed, drinking, eating and listening to great music.

All in all by the time I undressed for bed, I had been in my yellow HH gear for 19 hours, had been out in several public places, had a wonderful orgasm and given the same to two very good friends.

That was what I would consider to be an awfully good day!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Public Bondage and dressing up.

A recent visit to Kathryn and Rob led me to dwell on how relationships change over a period of time, this is hardly news and almost inevitable.

A good while ago now, my first visit to K and R was conducted in a friendly and professional manner and was very enjoyable. I got bondage, a good seeing to and then scarpered back to my Sheffield apartment for some dinner and a beer or two.

We have since become friends and interwoven with our fun and games is dinner, some nice wine, listening to music, talking and so on. In essence we have become friends.

Remembering that this activity is a business to them at all times, I know now that whatever the future holds and wherever in the world we may all be, we'll be friends for life.

I have in the past visited when only Rob was there and likewise when only Kathryn was there as well as when both are. 

Rob is in no way submissive though he does like a bit of bondage, he is very dominant in his personality (when dressed) and that is thrilling to me.

On one occasion when he and I were alone (K was away), he had me dressed up, tied up and helpless and presented me his sheathed cock to suck. It was a great surprise, thrilling and huge fun! He's done it again since.

Would I do such a thing under normal circumstances, usually not, would I do it with anyone other than Rob, almost certainly not until I had got to know them.

Of course, once dressed and trussed up my attitude is totally and utterly submissive, so the truth may well be quite different - but to find out you'll have to dress me and tie me up first!!

And so, I'd say with some confidence that my relationship with Rob has developed - friends, fellow wine and music lovers and me very submissive to his quite dominant. I'll explain the consequence of this a little later.

First though I'd like to reflect on the change in my relationship with Kathryn.

Initially, and still in fact, I love meeting with her and being dressed, tied up and seen to by her.

She is incredibly good looking, always wears stunning rubber or PVC outfits and is very attentive. Her use of the magic orgasm device on me never fails to satisfy!

Over time, and in the last few visits however, it has changed.

Recently, our sessions have been in two parts with us alone before Rob gets home from work.

Part one is where I tie her up and take care of her and part two is where she does the same to me.

A recent visit saw her, having tied me up and seen to me, move me to the sitting room and tie me up again whereupon she gently pay me down on the sofa for a snooze! Dressed from head to toe in yellow PVC, with my booted legs firmly strapped together and unable to move a muscle, with a hood, I was woken to find her and Rob, both fully dressed.

Rob then presented his sheathed cock to me - this was the first time Kathryn had actually seen us do this, and I did as a good submissive should!!

In applying bondage to Kathryn, we have hitherto followed a pattern. PVC dress of some sort, shiny Hunter rubber boots, gas mask and rubber straitjacket. I then strap her to the massage table with legs akimbo and give her, with my tongue - but using the magic orgasm machine if needed - a nice time.

This may sound boastful, but I usually do not need the machine!

And this it is usually a satisfied Kathryn who now gets to tie me up.

Last visit however saw a slightly different pattern emerge.

I informed Kathryn that we'd be going out with her in the wheelchair and me pushing. We went to a dam/reservoir/country park, the same one that she took me to when she had me dressed as a lady - see prior blog.

She dressed in PVC dress, shiny rubber Hunters and her Rainmac cream long PVC mac with attached hood.

When she was ready I dressed. I had recently purchased a Helly Hansen Voss rain suit - dark green and in two parts - a jacket and trousers.

Before I donned this, I put on my full ladies underwear kit. Frilly pants, tights, body shaper, breasts.

Then the Voss rain suit and my thigh high green Hunter waders, all topped of with my Ilse Jacobsen rubberised cotton mac.

Kathryn got into the car whilst I loaded the wheelchair into the back and we drove to our chosen location.

Once there, I put the wheelchair up and had Kathryn sit in it. I strapped her feet to the footrests, and her torso in two places to the chair as well as using the seatbelt that comes attached to the chair.

The jet black straps were clearly obvious against the cream of her mac and thus to anyone actually looking, it would have been obvious that she was in fact strapped into the chair.

Of course, if you know Kathryn you know she is an exhibitionist and thus her predicament was in fact anything other than that, she was in fact in heaven!

Even though it was not raining, I had her pull the hood to the mac up and tied it quite tightly under her chin.

And so with her strapped into the chair, we went for a walk, stopping at various points along the way to admire the view.

The odd thing about being a person in a wheelchair, and I know this having been the person in a wheelchair and fully dressed in rubber and as a woman, and strapped in, is that people just don't see you! You are pretty much invisible.

And so as we walked around, me in rubber and PVC with my ladies kit on underneath and her looking like a million dollars strapped into the chair, we were largely ignored.

The walk was fun, we chatted and had fun. When we got back to the car, Kathryn challenged me to take her to the pub, whose car park is shared with the people visiting the reservoir, for a coffee.

I'll admit to momentarily being reluctant and Kathryn clearly saw it on my face and offered immediately to not bother, however I also saw the disappointment on her face and that resolved me to do it.

And so we did, the only change we made was to put the hood to her mac down.

I, in my rubber and underwear - the breasts are not comedy size but are obvious of you look, and she still strapped into the chair, went to the pub with me pushing her.

We found a seat - not a discrete one in a corner where no-one would see us, but one smack in the centre of the pub, and I ordered two coffees from the bar - admittedly feeling very conscious of my breasts (though that feeling was wonderful) and we sat, had our coffee and chatted.

No eyelids were blinked during the whole exercise and it was a real thrill.

We exited with me fully confident by now, thanking the staff and making full eye contact with everyone.

I know that all they would have seen was a bloke and wheelchair bound wife, having gone out for a walk, having a coffee. And that, apart from the wife bit, is in fact exactly what they saw. No-one care what we were wearing!

Taking Kathryn back home, I decided to extend the bondage and once I had her in the seat with the seatbelt done up, I used the straps to further straps her to the seat and we drove home chatting as usual.

Once home, and with the initiative clearly with me at this stage, I'd not go so far as to say I was in any way dominant, I was merely the usual submissive given control for a short period, I changed into my new, very heavy Helly Hansen yellow suit - this is without doubt the stiffest, thickest and most wonderful rain suit imaginable.

I had Kathryn put her gas mask on and stand up so I could use a lot of pallet wrap to wrap her from neck to waist and then laid her gently back onto the massage table.

Using more pallet wrap, I attached her to the table.

With her ladyhood exposed, I simply knelt down and got on with the job.

Once I had finished with her, I released her and we reversed roles, her dominant and me submissive. However she didn't immediately tie me up, she simply took me in hand, we cuddled and caressed and then she used the magic orgasm machine on me.

It worked and this is something that simply has not happened to me in as long as I can recall, an orgasm without being tightly bound!

Wonderfully spent, I was then led to the sitting room where she wrapped me, neck to feet in pallet wrap and lay me down on the sofa to relax (sleep).

Kathryn also is a trained masseuse and runs that business from her home, she had a client coming and so I was left alone with my wonderful Helley Hansen clothes, my boots and my bondage to dwell.

After being released, once her client had gone and Rob was home, I showered and changed, rather sloppily, into shorts and a t-shirt.

We ate a lovely meal and enjoyed some splendid wine.

Both Rob and Kathryn then dressed, but for some strange reason I decided not to!

As happens on such occasions and the fun and games started all over again. This time with me and a rapt and very keen observer.

At a break in the proceedings, a hood Rob beckoned me over and had me kneel in front of where he was sitting and to suck his cock. Which I did - without the aid of rubber or PVC or any bondage, such was my level of arousal and submission. This was done with Kathryn "roughing me up" a little from behind - I would love to have the same experience with her using a strap on (small please) on me as I pleasured Rob.

I finished Rob off by hand and we enjoyed more conversation, wine and music.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Modelling in my rubberised cotton mackintosh and boots - and then some very very tight bondage!

Earlier in the week, I got an email from Mistress Atrum-Dea, who as I have said, also runs a photography business, to the effect that if I was free on Friday, she had some new equipment (photography) that she wanted to experiment with and were I free on Friday, I was more than welcome to pop by.

Her studio also has excellent internet connectivity and so it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that I could also work from there if all I needed was to do conference calls.

In fact, as soon as the opportunity arises, our plan is that I will work from her studio on calls for an afternoon but I'll be tied up!

I freed the time in my diary and arrived at mid-day.

We had coffee and chatted and as soon as MAD was ready I got "dressed".

This photography session was not to be focussed on my being tied up or in kinky clothes in any way as it was a technical session to help MAD come to terms with her new stuff.

However, and for anyone who knows me you'll know what a pleasure this was, I did simply put my brown leather riding boots on over my trousers and then put my green rubberised cotton riding mac, £595 from Cordings in Piccadilly, on, fully buttoned up (except the top button) and properly belted.

Dressed like this, MAD had me pose for dozens of pictures in front of the backdrop she'd set up.

With each picture, I'd go and see the outcome on the camera screen and so I spent a very pleasant two hours, in mac and boots, strolling back and forth around her studio, posing, being photographed and generally talking photography with a very good friend.

Such a great deal of fun, so much so that I am hoping we can arrange an outdoor photo-shoot one day soon as the mac and boots would be perfectly in place there!

Of course, no visit to MAD could go past without at least the hope of some bondage so I did take a suitcase of stuff and sure enough, after photos were done, she informed me that I was to "get dressed".

I had already decided in advance that if a dressing up and bondage opportunity came up, I'd be dressed as a lady but very simply so.

Accordingly I dressed in the skimpy ladies pants she had given me, a simple bra with the breasts in, my brown leather ladies boots, my corset (pulled as tight as MAD could) and then my short PVC dress from Honour. Not even a pair of tights!

I did add my bright red beyond the elbow PVC gloves, also from Honour and then my Jacobsen black rubber mac topped off with my wide black belt.

It felt good and I'd just as happily had another photography session there and then, however MAD likes her bondage just as much as I do and I was told to sit in the chair she'd placed for that purpose.

MAD has recently acquired a whole bunch of leather straps from a client and she used them all on me, plus rope, plus straps. The usual MAD tight bondage.

She had also acquired a sensory deprivation hood that she applied to me.

Thick leather with just a nose and tiny mouth hole for breathing, this hood fits very snugly and totally and utterly blocks out the light and muffles a great deal of the sound.

Sitting there, simply dressed and tightly tied, was heavenly.

However, and this is highly unusual - I managed to escape :)

With MAD, her bondage is so complete and so thorough, I only ever escape when she allows me to do so, essentially she will loosen and essential strap or rope and then she derives pleasure from seeing me struggle (just as much pleasure as I derive from struggling and getting free).

This time, I managed to wriggle one arm free of the rope tying it to the arm of the chair and after much struggling I was free. MAD watched all the way and laughed.

For my session position, MAD had decided on the leather straitjacket coupled once more with the SD hood.

For the straitjacket to be viable, the mac and wide belt have to come off, and I duly shed them.

The feeling as MAD puts me into this device and slowly straps me into it as very special, with an extra frisson of excitement as she plus the crotch straps into place and tightens them up - very much so on this occasion as I had just my panties and short PVC dress on and no heat rubber material or even tights to get in the way.

MAD then once more sat me in the chair and set about tying me up. Instead of legs being tied to the legs of the chair as she did before, MAD did my favourite thing and tied my legs (starting with ankles) together very, very tightly. I stress the tightness for two reasons, one because I had told her before how having my ankles tied so tightly together like that is a great thrill to me, but also I wonder if MAD was not just a little mad that I escaped before and even subconsciously was thus tying me just a little tighter that usual!

Either way you'll hear no complaints from me as the bondage was totally and utterly complete.

One of the effects of the SD hood is to make moving my head quite hard, something that MAD enhanced by typing my hooded head, via the rings on the hood, to the back of the chair. Nothing dangerous of course but the effect was complete.

With the SD hood, the straitjacket encompassing me and then me tied to the chair and with my booted legs tied as tightly as they were, I quite literally could have stayed like that all day. Very much an idea I'd like to explore on another day. At least five hours in just this position!!

As ever, our session came to and end too soon, for me as least, I MAD let me go and released me back into the wild!

If MAD gives me some pictures, either of the photo-shoot or the subsequent bondage, I'll post them here.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Mistress Atrum-Dea puts me into some simple but total bondage with me half dressed as a woman.

Welcome back!

To whom am I saying this, well you - anyone who might be reading, and me, the writer. I've not been off bondage and dressing up, quite the opposite in fact as I have a backlog of stories to share, but I've simply been too busy to spend the right amount of time doing my blog after the bondage.

I have three sessions with K&R to recount and two others with Mistress Atrum-Dea plus a three day road trip with her that will get special attention!

Another reason for the missed postings is lack of pictures, without the pictures to remind me of my experiences, I find it hard to recall them as once dressed, and even more so when bound, my mind turns to mush and as such I honestly need a prompt to be able to accurately share what happened.

So I have decided to start breaking the backlog, whilst I wait for pictures to arrive, of my most recent session with Mistress Atrum-Dea.

Our last session was the three day road trip, of which more later, but following on from that trip I had been jolly busy and really needed some rest and relaxation. And where better to find this than a trip to MAD's new photographic studio!

She has acquired a studio that is primarily used for her photography business - she is not just a talented bondage expert but a bloody good photographer as well - she does "normal stuff" but obviously does the more alternative side as well - try her out, she is really very good.

However, my point is that certain clients are allowed to visit her at this studio and the atmosphere is completely and utterly homely and relaxed. Which as it happens is just how I like my bondage as for me there is no need for all of the theatricals that you often find with a pro-domme, I just want to be able to be dressed up and tied up!

I'd decided before the visit that instead of my more industrial type of stuff, Helly Hansen and Ocean Rainwear etc, I'd travel light and as such I only had with me my ladies underwear stuff, breasts, rubber riding boots, rubber calf length dress and a rubberised cotton mac from Ilse Jacobsen. The mac is actually street wear and I have one that I wear most days, even if it is not rainy! It's lightweight but as noisy as can be and totally waterproof!

MAD and I had chatted on text earlier in the day and she had told me she might be early and as I was in the area, I was early too - dressing up and bondage can never start to early in the day for me! In fact one of the features of our three day road trip was that I was dressed in my rainwear or rubber pretty much all of the time I was not asleep, and was bound countless times - but as I said, that is for another day!

Meeting MAD is now very much like meeting my friend - as that in fact is what it is. I am certain that were the whole dressing up and bondage thing to come to a halt, we'd still see each other for dinner/coffee/lunch etc. In fact were it not for the fact that she has a partner, as do I and she is many years younger than me, I'd be throwing rose petals in her path in an attempt to woo her! I suspect she is fully aware of this. In truth, it has nothing to do with the bondage, she is a quite amazing person to know.

So when meeting a friend, what is the first thing one does? That's right, make a coffee and catch up on what has happened since we last met, and that is exactly what we did.

Of course it was not long before MAD instructed me to get ready and so I stripped myself of my civvies totally and started from the beginning.

First the, now slightly tatty, skimpy ladies pants she gave me ages ago. Freshly laundered of course but looking the worse for wear, but still my favourite item of clothing to first don as I start my journey into dressing heaven. Then my thick black tights followed by my woman's body shaper with integral bra and then the breasts.

By this stage, even though I'd decided not to go much further - make-up or wig, I was feeling totally and utterly different and this was going to change even more so the minute I put the rubber dress on, which I did, followed by my rubber riding boots and the mac. The final addition being the wide black weightlifters belt and then the black rubber gloves.

I stood there, now totally and utterly in a trance and MAD had me sit in the chair. At this point she plunged me further into simply being an object by hooding me - we'd purchased a simple elasticated hood the last time we met - with a nose hole and mouth hole but nothing else, gagging me with a new - also acquired when we last met, ball gag and then blindfolding me with a latex strip. The results can be seen in the pictures but the effect was total.

I have recently tried to explain to a very great friend, that when I am in this situation, bondage is not actually necessary to keep me immobile, as I essentially become nothing more than an object and can be treated as such, and often am when I visit K&R - blog to come.

Of course, the bondage is never far away with MAD and soon she was strapping me up, tying my legs and ankles and roping my arms to the chair. After a while, as is usual with MAD, I was simply but totally and utterly effectively bound and could hardly move a muscle.

Of course, the "hardly" move a muscle is nothing more than a challenge to MAD and so she wrapped me in black pallet wrap and then duct taped me in several places to myself and to the chair.

Now I really could move nothing except my head - MAD even expressed dissatisfaction at this fact and we are now on the lookout for some sort of medical head restraint that will help her in this matter - suggestions from anyone reading would be most welcome.

And so, in typical and rather splendid MAD fashion, she then made herself another cuppa and chatted to me whilst I was bound - see, no theatricals but simply wonderful company and dressing up/bondage. I have a fantasy that MAD ties me up just like this in the company of another person - not from the scene and I really do become the object that I so feel like - just something in the room rather than a human being!

Here are the pics:

Remembering that it takes a long time for MAD to actually tie me up, and a great amount of physical exertion is spent on her part, I generally get about an hour in each position before she either unties me, or loosens one rope to see if I can untie myself.

I love to try and escape and MAD loves to see me try, but to be frank once fully bound to her standards, escape is pretty much impossible. Unless of course she unties a critical bond and that is what she did here. The struggle to then loosen and finally escape from the bondage is immense as is the satisfaction of having done so.

After much wriggling, struggling and effort I finally freed myself only to be told to remove my mac!

Still wearing all of my other stuff, MAD then placed me in the leather straightjacket that I'd been given earlier in the year and strapped and roped me firmly into it.

One rather sensuous variation on this occasion was that as I was wearing the rubber dress and tights, in order for the crotch straps to be done up and pulled tight, the dress had to be pulled up, revealing my tights and boots. The feeling as the crotch straps were pulled over my dress which in turn was over my ladies underwear, was extraordinary and turned me instantly into an object.

The way MAD straps and ropes the jacket to me means that the bondage is instant, total and yet so comfortable I feel I could stay like that all night.

Mad has in her studio, a long black couch which clearly has many purposes, some of them quite usual, however one of the uses, less usual I suspect is effected by the fact that all around the rim of this couch, which converts into a flat bed, there are metal rings. The metal rings of course allow MAD to tie me down and this is exactly what she did, of course she first tied me up, straps and rope paying particular attention to my legs. 

I have told her before that I love my legs and in particular my ankles to be strapped or tied so tight they simply can't move. This is what MAD does and as the strap/rope tightens around my rubber booted ankles, I drift deeper into a trance. Anyone who knows bondage will tell you that securely tied ankles are so very hard to escape from, simply because you have no movement and therefore no leverage. 

Once suitably tied down, MAD then added the straightjacket hood over the material one I already had on and once again left me whilst chatting to me all of the time.

Here are the pictures and once again, don't be fooled by the simplicity of the bondage, it was complete and once again, apart from my head, I could not move a muscle.

Needless to say, and this will be understood by anyone who knows what a relaxing effect bondage has on me, I fell asleep! Heaven.

Time passed and MAD let me go, with the straightjacket there is no simple loosening of rope so that I can release myself. A good straightjacket properly applied - and this was both, is a piece of complete bondage engineering and unless I am let out, I'd still be in it now! 

I really do want to try a long extended period in this jacket and a fantasy is a full day in it with all of my bodily functions - in and out - controlled!

Once released, MAD turned the bed back into a couch and I redressed in my mac and wide belt. On top of this she applied a device e we'd come up with a couple of years ago and that was the rubber riding boot legs - with feet removed - slid up my arms. The idea being that it makes arm flexing if not impossible, at least very tricky. MAD as usual had a trick or two up her sleeve and she first wrapped my hands and arms in some pallet wrap and then used black duct tape to immobilise my hands and secure the riding boots legs in place. With this simple act she'd made my hands and arms useless and so she sat me down and once more gagged me with the large rubber ball gag and blindfolded me.

As I have said before, at this stage I'd become the thing, the object that so releases me from day to day life and I'd have happily sat there but MAD of course had other ideas. I was once more tied up, tied down and strapped and taped. The pictures show how simple bondage can be and yet be so effective.

What you can also see is that MAD knows very well how much I like to be humiliated and whilst I had no idea she'd placed the wig on me, seeing the pictures for the first time gave me a massive thrill!

For anyone interested, the rubber riding boot sleeves have two main benefits, number one they restrict quite significantly the ability to moves one's arms, and number two they allow for very tight rope bondage to be applied to the arms and wrists without any fear of affecting the circulation.

For this predicament MAD did allow me to escape but I needed quite a lot of help - she basically had to undo and untie and unwrap one hand/arm!

But for my subsequent efforts I did manage then to release myself. 

For the final position, we were back to the chair but MAD had me keep my riding boots sleeves on as my arms were to be tied to my side.

I'll add at this point a synopsis of a conversation I'd had with MAD in between positions and essentially what I told her is that sometimes when I climax it's actually an anti climax as that is the stage at which my mind knows we are just about to pack up. Of course, MAD being the person she is, immediately used this information and thus on this occasion she withheld my climax - frustrating in the extreme but deliciously so! That Woman can read me like an open book :)

The final position was by far the most strict in terms of bondage, sitting in the heavy chair I was first gagged and blindfolded and then strapped so very firmly to the chair. Legs together with ankles tied so tightly together they felt like a single limb and not two!

Arms inside the thick rubber sleeves roped  and then my whole body strapped and roped to the chair. Quite literally the chair and my body were essentially one item.

I enjoyed this position so much as MAD had even roped my shoulders to the chair and that is a wonderful feeling.

As I have said, I was not treated to my climax on this occasion, but I understand the rules and what MAD wants MAD gets and I would not have it any other way.

Of course, time flies and in due course my five hours of fun was over and MAD and I departed.

See the pictures and let me know what you think.